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Okay am i the only person who thinks it’s actually really cute when a person stumbles over their words, says stupid things in front of you, tries to show off in front of you (but usually fails), and blushes and is all shy and awkward around you or is it just me? Because to me it shows they genuinely care, they care about me and my feelings towards them and such and that means something to me.

whimsicalsasquatch said: Did you ever post something about study tips? Like how long to study and take breaks? Like study for an hour, break for 10 minutes, then back to studying etc? Just trying to remember what it was. Thanks


Yes, we have a whole list: 

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11. 4 Tips To Help You Study Under Time Pressure or Stress

Certainly, people have recommended taking periodic breaks, but I feel that breaks are not necessary especially when they disrupt your flow. 

In fact, keep working and only take breaks when you are tired or getting a headache or are hungry.